PVC Journey Pt. 3: Creating your First PVC

Now that you are familiar with how to login to your SignalWire Space, you can NOW create your very own PVC. ARE YOU READDDYYYYY TO RUMBLEEEEEEE?!!?!?!?

Alrighty, once you’re logged in, go ahead and click that “Video” tab on the left hand side. Then navigate over to the “Conferences” tab.

Then, IT’S TIME! You can finally click that “Create an API Room” button. Go ahead, click it! Feels satisfying huh?

Screenshot 2022-11-02 130741

On the next step, you will have two options: UI Included OR Build From Scratch.
For our sake, we are going to go the “UI Include” path. This is for those of us who just want the copy and paste version that is created for you. If you want more control in function and design, then you want the “Build from Scratch” option (I have to assume if you choose this option, you are only here for my witty banter and wonderful personality).

Also, don’t forget to give your room an awe-inspiring name!

This next page is where you can customize settings. There is a “Settings” tab, “Appearance” tab and “Streaming” tab.

Availability: This setting allows you to control when people are allowed to use your room. If you do not set a From/Until time, then the room stays open at all times.
Quality: You have two options, 720p or 1080p. Quality will default to 720p.
Layout: This is your default layout when you enter the room. If you are the Moderator of the room, then you can change the layout once you enter.
Size: This is the number of people that can enter a room. Your max option is 300 people and the room will default to 50 people.
Record on Start: If you want the room to automatically start recording when you enter, toggle this bad boy on. Otherwise you can start the recording manually once you enter.
Enable Room Previews: This allows a thumbnail view of what is happening inside the room without having to join it. Like a little window into the soul of your PVC.
Enable Chat: You can turn your chat function on and off
Delete Room: If you are bored with your room, you can delete it and start over!

Under the “Appearance” tab you can change the colors to certain aspects of the room, or adjust the night or daytime modes.

Under the “Streaming” tab, there are additional options, however you may need to upgrade your subscription plan to access them. You can use this to stream out to other sites like YouTube or Vimeo.

Once you have all your finishing touches, you can grab your copy and paste code from the embed code. You can use the “Moderator Embed Code” or use the “Guest Embed Code”. This is the code you are going to copy and paste into your desired location.
Screenshot 2022-11-02 131745

PHHEWWW that was a lot of steps! But don’t you feel so accomplished now?! Next week we are going to go through the process of joining the room and some of the “in room” features. I know it’s a bummer that you have to wait a whole week, but the anticipation is worth it! We are deep into the PVC rabbit hole and it’s only going to get better!