Are you a Newbie to PVC's? Join Me on a Journey! Pt. 1

My name is Chelsea, I am a Customer Success Manager for our SignalWire Work and Events product. BUT today I am going to start a soul searching, exploration of the magical land of PVC’s!

I am what you would call a “newbie” geek. I have no technical background in IT, development or coding and together you and I are going to journey into the high tech world of SignalWire’s PVC’s! Each week we are going to take it baby step by baby step until we create a functioning Programmable Video Conference that you can embed into anything your imagination comes up with! The point of this post is for those of you, who like me, haven’t been developing or coding your whole life.

First things first! Let’s talk about jargon to make sure we all stay on the same page. These are going to be some of the most common words we come across on our journey!

PVC: Programmable Video Conference
A pre-built video conferencing room that you can create from your SignalWire Space UI.It is embeddable or can be used in single use cases.

UI: User Interface
The way in which you interact with an application/website. Typically, includes the design elements to make your application aesthetically pleasing.

SignalWire Space
The dashboard where you can seamlessly use SignalWire’s API’s, view usage or billings reports, and create your Video Conference.
To create a new SignalWire Space, go to: Sign Up for a SignalWire Account | SignalWire
If you already have a SignalWire Space, you can login at: Log into Your SignalWire Account | SignalWire

The token allows you to interact with all of SignalWire’s API’s. It is the puzzle piece that connects to the API. Basically a validation key, or a key to unlock all your dreams.

Project ID
The ID that tracks back to your specific project. You can have multiple projects going on all at one time if you’re savvy at multitasking.

Space URL
You use this URL to access your specific SignalWire Space. While coding (if you do that kind of stuff), you could use the URL to reference or connect your project to your SignalWire Space.

The person in the video conference room that has the ability to make changes. This person is usually the one who created the PVC, but you can grant others access to the moderator controls.

The person in the room who has temporary access to the video conference room. They only have permission to adjust their own settings (like audio/video mute).

Embed Code
A copy and paste code that can be applied to your website or application. This is for those of us that dont want to (or can’t) code from scratch.

Stay tuned next week to follow the Yellow Brick Road to PVC central!


Hi Chelsea!!!

I am also a novice with the PVC’s! Maybe you can share more insights that you got here and I’ll bone up on my Pluto Venus Charizards!

Thanks and GREAT POST!!!


Hi Chelsea,

I will be on this journey with you. This has actually terrified me but if you are willing to learn so am I. Thanks for taking us along for the ride!

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