PVC Journey Pt. 5: Saying Goodbye with Troubleshooting Tips

Now that you have created a PVC, what will you do with it?!?! That my friend, is up to your imagination!

Because SignalWire provides you the full embeddable code, you can simply copy and paste into your website, or other location of your choice. Just a warning, you should always embed the “Guest” code, and never the “Moderator” code. Because you have control over other users as a Moderator, you do not want to give strangers that kind of control of your PVC. Unless you like to live on the edge, then embed at your own risk.
Screenshot 2022-11-16 165749

Depending on your website, you may have to do a couple of extra steps or add a bit of custom HTML. To view those individual steps, check out the developer page at: https://developer.signalwire.com/guides/integrating-video-meetings-with-any-website

Since the PVC is based on your browser, most of your troubleshooting steps will be browser based. Here are some very quick and vague troubleshooting reminders:

  • Make sure to check all security permissions on your computer for your camera and microphone to be used.
  • Ensure that any firewalls or VPNs are not blocking the page.
  • You can also check your pop up blockers if you have those set.
  • If you are a mac user, make sure that your mac permissions are properly configured to allow the browser access to your camera

And that my friend is where we part. I have given you what I can and it is now time for you to journey alone. But just like Beetlejuice, if you say Tech Support three times, we will magically appear!

Just kidding, you have to email support@signalwire.com or join our community at signalwire.community. And don’t worry, we are friendly!