Why personal access token required

Hi, I am newbie to Freeswitch and playing with it in my test environment. I am able to build and run Freeswitch successfully. However, I am not clear about the usage of personal access token to download freeswitch source to build and install.

I tried downloading directly from GitHub repo, build it and install without PAT and it seems to work. Could you please clarify what is the use / necessity of PAT here? I tried the documentation and unable to while the actual purpose of the PAT for installation.

Thank you in advance.

The biggest reason is to prevent abuse, the repo was being hit with multi gigabits of traffic daily in a very abusive pattern and we had no way of contacting those parties, I had personally started to block the IPs that were doing it until someone complained, I found that to be less than ideal solution. The PAT at the very least allows me to email those parties if their systems go off the rails and start looping on our repo.



THank you for your quick clarification. It makes a lot sense. :slight_smile: