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Hello everyone!

This is my first post in the forum. I am working on a new VoIP project are we are considering using FreeSWITCH as a softswitch.

I am quite familiar with SIP and have used Kamailio extensively, and I have been looking for the best source of training material and documentation for FreeSWITCH.

I have checked out FreeSWITCH : FreeSWITCH Explained | FreeSWITCH Documentation and it has been a great help getting me started, as well as various videos I’ve found online, but I was hoping to find something more structured that also goes into the more advanced configurations FreeSWITCH can support.

I have seen that there are some books available for purchase, but these are for FreeSWITCH 1.8, but the latest version available now is 1.10.

Any guidenance or suggestions would be highly appreciated!

Hi @ntg_13,

I am in the same situation - that is, familiar with VoIP and telephony but new to working with FreeSWITCH. I found the FreeSWITCH 1.8 book to be very helpful to come up to speed on the concepts, terminology, and architecture of FreeSWITCH.

As other reviewers have noted, the book has some typos and is in need of copyediting, but the concepts are laid out well and it will introduce you to a lot of the functionality using a helpful, “hands-on” approach. I also reviewed the release changelogs for 1.10.x and didn’t notice too much semantic drift from what I had read into book. (Be sure to consult current documentation for building and installation.)

So my 0.02 is that the “FreeSWITCH 1.8” book is helpful for getting started working with current versions of FreeSWITCH.


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Thank you for the reply Tony!

I’ve been looking at that specific book for a while now, but seeing that you say that not much has changed in regards to semantics, concepts, etc, I think I wil lstart there!

Thanks again!


In addition to the FreeSWITCTCH 1.8 book there are 5 other books also Search | Packt Subscription Also be sure to see the collection of youtube video’s. Brian has a lot of great content

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Thanks a lot Len! I’ll be sure to check those out!