Changing the authorization mode on the forum

Dear Colleagues!

I ask you to help me by explaining what is happening and how I should behave.

I received a letter to the email specified during registration, which says that the authorization regime will change in the very near future. I perceived a more detailed explanation as unclear, but I realized that the authorization procedure would become significantly more complicated and would most likely become impossible for me to do.

I am an independent specialist engaged in consulting, development and implementation of solutions in the field of IP telephony. Since about 2006, I have been working on the Asterisk platform, and now I decided to study the FreeSwitch platform.
I am not a native English speaker, I do not have a Visa bank card or a US-Canada driver’s license. My mobile phone, which I indicated during registration, does not receive registration SMS, and the SignalVare server registration service does not directly say that it regrets the money for this, or that it has some difficulties, but simply does not send SMS.

From the link to the documentation provided in the letter I received, I understood that the logical conclusion of the described trend would be to transfer all users to a certain paid API, using which each authentication would cost 4 US cents. This is probably very bourgeois and prestigious…

Once upon a time, the website had a completely free and crowded forum where you could go and get an answer to your question.
Why did the people who now actually run the formally open-source FreeSwitch project close this forum? For the sake of 4 cents for registration and expanded collection of private information about registrants? Somehow it’s not solid…

MAYBE THIS FORUM SHOULD BE OPENED AGAIN and allow registration on it without requiring a photo, driver’s license or payment card details. After all, people there will be discussing an open source product, and not selling weapons or regulated potent drugs.

And now a question for the community - can someone tell me how I can maintain login and password authentication, without all these innovations?

Yours sincerely,

Hi Ogogon,

The SignalWire team is working on making sure that all users can receive SMS or call to verify themselves during registration of a SignalWire space. Right now the Engineering team is working on making this possible, but for now, certain countries have to go through a manual process of verify themselves through documents like photo ID.

If you just need to access FreeSWITCH, we can work to provide the access tokens needed to access FreeSWITCH. If you still need those tokens, please do let us know by opening a support request with us through your SignalWire Space. A support request can be opened by clicking on the Help icon on your SignalWire dashboard’s top banner, and then clicking on ‘Support Portal’. Also here is the direct link for creating a submitting a request

Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Best Regards,
Chris K.
SignalWire Support Team