FreeSWITCH Documentation is Moving

Heads up folks, we’re migrating the FS docs off of Confluence in the next few days. Going forward, they’ll be hosted on the SignalWire developer portal. There won’t be a login required, and behind the scenes the changes are through GitHub PRs so you’ll just need a GH account to make PRs for doc changes after this goes live. Overall, this migration should make updating, searching, and tracking changes on the docs easier. Look out for requests for Doc PR approvers in the new year, but if that’s something you’re interested in feel free to send a DM my way.

We’re putting redirects out for everything on Confluence so it should transition smoothly, but if not we’ll be looking out for broken links, formatting issues, and so on. If you catch anything that isn’t linking or looking right, you can open a PR or let us know here.