Welcome to SignalWire Community - Nearly Two Decades of History


I am Anthony Minessale. Founder of FreeSWITCH, ClueCon, and most recently, co-founder and CEO of SignalWire.

When we started the FreeSWITCH project back in 2005, the landscape was a lot different. The Internet was a lot slower, the idea of Voice over IP was preposterous, and voice minutes used to cost 4 or 5 cents. We had a vision to digitally transform telecom to a software-defined medium that could be scaled on any accessible compute resources and become easier to modify and extend.

FreeSWITCH helped break barriers to entry from an almost impenetrable wall created by legacy telecommunications products and services. Many new players were enabled to create products like Zoom|phone, Five9 Call center, Amazon Connect, Vonage PBX and API services, Dialpad, and many more. Nearly every VoIP provider in existence has leveraged FreeSWITCH in their infrastructure.

It became clear in 2017 that the next logical step was to continue this progression by creating SignalWire, a company designed to hyper-scale Software-Defined Telecom and simplify it down to simple-to-use APIs and expose all the power while hiding the complexity so anyone can own a slice of the new Internet first Call Fabric created by SignalWire.

We have deep open-source roots, which is why we continue to foster the FreeSWITCH community while augmenting it with a suite of open-source SDKs and other tools to extend and interconnect FreeSWITCH to the SignalWire hyper scaler, the PSTN, and your web browser and mobile applications.

I hope this forum will help us communicate better and let us learn from each other.

-Anthony Minessale


Iā€™m so excited I can hardly contain my excitement!

Thank you Anthony and the rest of the SignalWire team for making discourse a reality, and for almost 20 years of the best software in Telecom