Proxy to handle WSS requests

I wanted to install a proxy to handle WSS requests and send it to FreeSWITCH either in WS or directly in SIP.
I have tried with NGinx, WSS requests are forwarding to FreeSWITCH in WS but the headers still indicate that the request is in WSS, so FreeSWITCH refuses it.

Is there any solution/product to solve this ?
Or any other proxy that handle WSS and send SIP to the FreeSWITCH ?


Don’t use transport=ws EVER, only transport=wss and just use nginx and it will work.


Did you get this solved or do you need more assistance?


I will try what you suggest and let you know. thanks

so nginx will act as a proxy from WSS to WSS and we continue using WSS on freeSWITCH ?

Yes that is what would happen, it kinda just works, just make sure your certs are correct and such too…

Nginx doesn’t understand SIP, maybe you could Try OpenResty to convert betwen wss and ws with Lua, or just use a real SIP proxy like OpenSIPS or Kamailio.

You actually can if you route it as raw bytes like we do with TURN traffic, its a pain in the butt to get it right.