Freeswitch ignores SDP in 200 OK after 183

Hi All,

I’m trying to get this special case working for one of our SIP trunk customers. The customer CPE is changing the RTP IP in the SDP(from 183 to 200 OK) without a re-INVITE? In this case CPE establishes a session with SIP 183 with SDP and starts sending RTP(early media) from IP A, after 15 seconds the CPE sends a SIP 200 OK with another IP B in the SDP and start sending RTP(VM greeting) from the new IP. Freeswitch is failing to latch media to the new IP, freeswitch ignores the whole SDP in the 200 OK.

I’ve also tried adding to the SIP profile but couldn’t get it working. Looks like freesswitch is locking on to the first established media session. This CPE behaviour is actually a RFC violation but I’m looking to see any other parameters in freeswitch that could allow this signaling behaviour.

I’ve also tried ignore early media options but it only had an impact on the other leg and didn’t make any changes to the call leg facing the customer CPE.

I’d appreciate if any of you could give me any suggestions to get this call behaviour working. Thanks