FreeSWITCH did not transfer a re-invite message

My sip client sends an re-invite to Freeswitch,but Freeswitch did not send the message to the other leg.How can I configure to make Freeswitch transfer the re-invite message to the other leg?

You can’t, FreeSWITCH is a B2BUA, not a Proxy. Can you elaborate on what exactly the call flow is?

Thanks for your reply.The call flow is as show in the picture.When the call is established,I want to change the codec,so I send an re-INVITE message.The factor is FreeSWITCH received the message and changed the codec,but FreeSWITCH didn’t send the message to B leg.

Because FreeSWITCH isn’t a proxy, its a B2BUA, you can use execute_on_sip_reinvite to trigger something to do the B-Leg if you choose to, The behavior you’re asking for is a proxy behavior.


Is there any way to make FreeSWITCH to send an re-INVTE to modify the codec after a session has been established?Should I modify the mod_sofia?Thanks.

uuid_reneg is the command to renegotiate a leg.

Thanks for your reply.I can’t find any information about uuid_reneg.Is an API?