How to Create Great Topics

The best topics provide readers with the information they need to contribute to the conversation or help answer your questions. Whether you’re asking for opinions on the current state of WebRTC or for help setting up call forwarding, a well written topic will help readers provide the answers (or guidance) you’re looking for!

Before you create a new topic, be sure to search existing topics in the forum. You might find the answer you’re looking for, or you can add to the ongoing discussion in one place.

Follow these tips to create a better topic and increase your chances of getting the response you’re looking for:

1. Follow our Community Guidelines

If your topic does not follow our guidelines, your post may be removed.

2. Write a clear title that includes details of your ask

Balance being specific with keeping the title concise. The best titles let a reader know from the beginning if they will be able to contribute.

Example good titles:

  • Messaging Error code 21717 for single number
  • How to find the reason for failed fax status in Relay?
  • Conference ESL command questions

Example bad titles:

  • SignalWire down?
  • Any FreeSWITCH experts out there?
  • Need help urgently!

3. Provide additional context in the body of your post

Mention if you’ve already tried troubleshooting steps, if your code is providing a specific output, if the error is only occurring with certain conditions met, etc. Note that you can format your code to make it more readable as a code block using the </> icon in the Discourse text editor, or you can use all standard Markdown formatting.

If you’re using a specific document to troubleshoot, or if the instructions on a documentation page led to the error you’re seeing, please include that link as well!

If the context for your ask would include personally identifiable information (PII), please remove/obscure it before posting. If PII is involved, you may want to open a support ticket via the SignalWire dashboard instead.

4. Respond to follow up questions

Be prepared to provide additional information or try troubleshooting steps provided by helpers in the forums. You can set the notification preferences you prefer for your posts by scrolling to the bottom of the post and selecting the bell icon. By default, the notification will be set to watching and you will receive notifications for every reply to the post.