FAQs - Discourse

Why Discourse?

The number one driver for starting the Discourse is that our community has been asking for it! We’ve heard requests for a long form forum that’s persistent and searchable for years now, especially from our folks using Slack and the FreeSWITCH mailing list to connect with others and get help.

We’re right there with you! Earlier this year we started looking for a persistent, customizable, searchable forum that felt like the right fit for our community, and Discourse was the obvious choice. Going forward, we’re committed to making this forum the best space it can be and tailoring to how the community wants to use the space, and for that we’ll look to the community for direct feedback every step of the way.

Will Discourse replace the Community Slack?

No, the Discourse is not currently planned to replace Slack, though we do expect that the Discourse will become a hub for some of the conversations currently happening in Slack – threads can only get us so far, and a classic forum is better suited to longer running group conversations.

Will the Discourse replace any mailing lists?

Yes, we will be inviting everyone from the FreeSWITCH mailing list to join us in the Discourse. As many of you know, the FreeSWITCH mailing list is currently 14 years old and is stretched to the limits of its capabilities. In addition to being more easily accessible and searchable, we hope the Discourse will simply be a better experience for everyone using it compared to the various bounces, unsubscribes, spam filters, and other issues we’ve been seeing over the last 6 months or so with the FreeSWITCH mailing list.

Will SignalWire staff respond to my questions in the forum?

Yes, but a response is not guaranteed in the community forums, and staff members will not be the only ones answering questions.

If your question requires direct intervention from SignalWire staff, or if it will reveal personal/account information, please open a support ticket instead of posting to the forums.

Why is a SignalWire Account required to log in?

Single sign-on with DiscourseConnect is a moderation and spam reduction consideration first and foremost, but it does allow for our users to access the forums without creating and managing another account as well. We’re also working to build in some quality of life improvements based on the signed in account, but we’ll have more on that down the line.

SignalWire Accounts can register with the forums even in Trial Mode, so you do not have to put any money down to utilize the forums. An account is also not required to view the forums, so if you would prefer not to sign in and simply browse, you’re free to do so!

As a FreeSWITCH user, why do I need to sign in with a SignalWire Account?

Simply put, there is not a FreeSWITCH account to use in the SSO process. For the reasons mentioned above including spam reduction and moderation, we’re requiring SSO for all signed in users.

Where can I make suggestions about the forum?

Suggestions and requests can be posted to the Site Feedback category. Be sure to search for existing topics before posting your own, so you can add to existing discussions wherever possible!

I’m having trouble signing in to the Discourse, who do I reach out to?

If you’re unable to access your SignalWire Account in general, reach out to support@signalwire.com and provide as much information on the account as you can.

If you are able to access your SignalWire Account but having issues specifically with forum registration or sign-in, please contact community@signalwire.com.