Fs_cli -x "show calls | grep 'something'" doesn't work

Hello all,

i can’t grep on fs_cli
it show every call
for example :
fs_cli -x “show calls | grep ‘something’”
show every calls, filter by grep do nothing

any idea ?

Version : 1.10.11-release-25

fs_cli -x “version” | grep FreeSWITCH

it works
this too :
fs_cli -x “status” | grep 1000

but not this :
fs_cli -x “status | grep 1000”

and i need to filter active calls in fs_cli directly

I know of almost no applications which will accept " | grep " as part of their
own commands.

grep is an entirely separate utility from fs_cli

Can you achieve what you want by tailing the log file and piping that through


yes I understand, I based myself on a bad doc found on the internet

I’m looking to retrieve the number of simultaneous calls for a specific client and it doesn’t seem simple to me but I’ll dig into it