Call stuck + freeswitch 1.10.9

I am facing call stuck issue in freeswitch version 1.10.9 version.
Anyone please help me here.

Going to need more details to provide any assistance, Does the call show up in show channels? but you can’t uuid_kill it, or something else?

Yes all the call show up in channels. Its showing in ringing state but never ring and all upcoming calls stuck. untill unless freeswitch reloaded.

You would first need to get a gcore,

Add this:

/usr/bin/wget -O / && /bin/echo source -v / > ~/.gdbinit

Also DO NOT fs_ctl crash, use you’ll gcore $pid_of_freeswitch

Then once you have the core file open, type ‘deadlock’ and provide the output here, keeping the full core file.

ps: apt install gdb