Resources to learn FreeSWITCH

Hey all,

FreeSWITCH newbie here… Can anyone please recommend books, guides, tutorials, courses etc.? I have a pretty strong understanding of SIP and general telephony, I currently work with other SIP stacks and B2BUA’s. But I would love to start using FreeSWITCH.

Appreciate any tips.

Thank you

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I’d start with the cookbook, it still applies to the latest releases:

Also keep an eye out for our office hours, You can sit down and talk to all of us and we can give you some direction, Also join in on Slack (

And welcome to the community, Its a fun, frustrating business but at the end of the day we help solve complex problems and help you be successful with FreeSWITCH. Dive in, the water is nice.



Thank you, Brian!
I’ll check it out.

Here are a few more:

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