Alert about MFA mandatory

Hello everyone,

I have been getting emails , ALERT: Multi-Factor Authentication Will Be Mandatory on December 20, 2023 To Protect You (and How to Protect Your Customers)"

when I login to SW account and look at Space Setting, I don’t see any MFA settings
are these legitimate emails? Thank you

Dear SignalWire User,

While MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) has long been an option to protect your SignalWire space, you’ll notice that it will be enabled by default starting December 20, 2023. This ensures that each user is who they say they are and defends against fraudulent usage within your space.

Increasingly, MFA is an industry standard to protect client data. If you have yet to implement MFA for your own use case(s), here’s a quick summary of Multi-Factor authentication and how SignalWire can enable it for you: 

Intrigued? Here are some quick guides on implementing MFA:

- MFA via Messaging 
- MFA via Voice

I was trying to find the 2FA code, and I found it - it’s in the profile that they will send MFA to your email. No need to set anything up.

The second part is offering signalwire services to create MFA for your services.

Hello Phil,
The e-mails are legitimate. SignalWire will require 2FA after that date. You can turn MFA on by logging into your SignalWire account, clicking on your initials at the top right corner of the screen, and choosing profile. The ability to enable MFA will be in that profile section.


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Is there a plan to add the means to use an authenticator app like Aegis for 2FA?

TNX. Happy Holidays!

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Now I can see the "MFA ON/OFF switch " that wasn’t visible before