`void switch_core_sqldb_destroy()` - macOS FreeSWITCH Installer on Ventura 13.4.1

Line 313 of switch_core_pvt.h contains void switch_core_sqldb_destroy(), which is generating the following error as a result of its empty argument when running the macOS FreeSWITCH Installer on Ventura 13.4.1:

error: a function declaration without a prototype is deprecated in all versions of C [-Werror, Wstrict-prototypes]
void switch_core_sqldb_destroy();

I have attempted to remedy this by adding void within the parentheses of void switch_core_sqldb_destroy(), but each successive execution of the macOS FreeSWITCH Installer script just generates a new switch_core_pvt.h file with the void switch_core_sqldb_destroy() error on line 313.

How may the macOS FreeSWITCH Installer script be revised so that it will not attempt to recreate switch_core_pvt.h with each successive execution, and will instead include my revised switch_core_pvt.h file with its void switch_core_sqldb_destroy(void) correction?

Or, is there a better way to resolve this matter so that FreeSWITCH will be compiled and installed successfully?

Issues like this belong on github.