Solution for Messaging Error code 21717 "From must belong to an active campaign."

If you’re trying to send SMS from a 10DLC (local code) phone number, you may notice this error message:

"code": "21717",
"message": "From must belong to an active campaign."

This error means that the SignalWire number you’re attempting to send the SMS from is not associated with an active messaging campaign. All 10DLC (local code) phone numbers must be associated with an active messaging campaign in order to send SMS regardless of use case or messaging volume. You’ll need to register a Brand and Campaign from within the Messaging Campaigns section of your SignalWire space. You’ll need to provide information about your company when registering your Brand and information about your SMS use case when registering your Campaign.

Campaign Registration is only required when sending to a United States phone number. If you are not sending SMS to US numbers, you do not need to register and you should not see this error (if you’re not sending to US and seeing this error, please open a support ticket).

If you’re unfamiliar with The Campaign Registry, I recommend checking out this detailed documentation about the registration process: Campaign Registry - Everything You Need To Know | SignalWire Developer Portal

We also have this FAQ for The Campaign Registry and messaging with SignalWire in general: Common Messaging FAQs

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