REST API for Messaging Campaigns

What is a CSP and Should I become one?

Before digging too deep into acronyms and terms about The Campaign Registry, please reference the Campaign Registry - All you need to know guide for more exigence on the policies put into place for 10 Digit Long Code Messaging.

As your customer base expands and organizing your campaigns becomes increasingly complex, it may be time to look into managing your own campaigns by communicating with The Campaign Registry directly. A Campaign Service Provider has the ability to register or modify their own Brands and Campaigns without needing to involve SignalWire until it is time to associate the completed Brands and Campaigns.

If you intend to only create a few Brands and Campaigns then you may choose to have SignalWire act as your CSP and submit your Messaging Campaign Applications on your behalf. If this describes your messaging intentions then you can skip straight to registering your Brand through your SignalWire Dashboard under the Messaging Campaigns tab.

Read more about this process in Campaign Service Providers - Everything You Need To Know

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