Mod_vlc block channel when playback finish


I’ve compiled mod_vlc and successfully load module. Even playback is working. But I’ve noticed that if audio file finish playing before channel is hang up, it stay blocked… uuid_kill or hupall does not work. If Zoiper hangup, FS does not respond to BYE.

Here is gdb trace: mod_vlc stuck - FreeSWITCH Pastebin

Here is brief except from bash history how I installed FS and mod_vlc (I may be missing something here?): docker install - FreeSWITCH Pastebin

Anyone have working example of compiling mod_vlc? One from documentation is not working for me (to old?), and installing form repo fail because there is no more vlc-nox.

Please file a ticket for this in github with the same attachments posted here. Please also include FreeSwitch and Operating System versions.