Uuid_broadcast during LUA loop doesn't play audio

Hello all,

I have a LUA script running on a channel like this:

-- Script A
for i=1,10 do
     --Waste time
    os.execute("sleep 10");

While this script is running, I have a luarun script executing

-- Script B
api = freeswitch.API()
for i=1,10 do
api:executeString('uuid_broadcast <uuid of call running scriptA> say::en\\snumber\\spronounced\\s" .. i);

The broadcasts have no impact on the channel until after the for loop ends in script A, then all the queued broadcasts play sequentially. The same behavior occurs with uuid_displace, and with bgapi execution.

Why is the LUA thread blocking immediate executing of uuid_broadcast? How can I stop that behavior for the audio to play immediately?

you can’t use os.execute sleep, you’ll be blocking the session thread. do session:sleep(10000);


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