Mod unimrcp freeswitch

i got installed freeswitch version 1.10.7 and i want to upgrade it to version 1.10.9, also i need to have mod_unimrcp is there any way to have it? If i upgrade it to version 1.10.9 via “apt” mod_unimrcp is removed autatically and then if i want to install it and use instruction from github: GitHub - freeswitch/mod_unimrcp it does not work. Any solutions for it?

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We no longer support that module, Its community supported and updated at this time and was removed from our repo.


yes i know it but there is any solution to install it when you have FS newest version?

What are you needing to interface with?


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Is there a way to interface with amazon polly directly for TTS?
Also with amazon for speech to text or open ai’s whisper?

I started using mod_tts_commandline for TTS, and set up aws CLI, but then I realized that I’m passing text to a system command and that can be unsafe.
Also, polly returns an audio stream which can start playing right away instead of saving a temp file in tts_commandline and playing after it saves.


We got own TTS ans ASR and using it with FS, and now i looking for something to integrate with FS and ASR, TTS

You might want to look at the SignalWire cloud offerings. It would help cover these use cases with ease.


If you got your own TTS/ASR Service, you can integrate over WebSockets using the following third-party un-official module

There are plenty of other solutions also available like mod_wsbridge

Or write your own module using the ASR/TTS interfaces.

Mod_Whisper does compile but does not load

We didn’t write that module, so I’m not sure we can assist.

It’s not hard to build mod_unimrcp from source, what’s problem?

Hi @mateusz.mysliwiec . I encountered the same issue with the instructions in freeswitch/mod_unimrcp being a bit out of date.

If it helps, I wrote up my notes from getting FreeSWITCH 1.10.10 running together with mod_unimrcp and posted them on github as a gist: FreeSWITCH + mod_unimrcp in Docker · GitHub

The gist currently assumes you’re doing everything in Docker container, but that container is based on Debian bookworm, so the commands should work fine on Debian outside of a container.

I am using your link and then on the end when i starting i got error: Failed to set SCHED_FIFO scheduler (Operation not permitted)

Can you help me with this?

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Mateusz Myśliwiec

Hi @mateusz.mysliwiec .

I haven’t encountered that, but the default Docker configuration might be different. Try adding --cap-add SYS_NICE to the docker invocation in that script, as suggested in Failed to set scheduling priority · Issue #5 · ericyan/docker-freeswitch · GitHub.

Also refer to the Docker documentation regarding Linux capabilities: Docker run reference | Docker Docs

I successfully compiled mod_unimrcp from sources :

However, i can’t load the module in freeswitch.

freeswitch@server> load mod_unimrcp
+OK Reloading XML
-ERR [module load file routine returned an error]

I get the following error :

2024-04-24 05:25:11.089851 98.70% [ERR] mod_unimrcp.c:4418 Couldn’t register subclass unimrcp::profile_create!

eventhough i populated unimrpc.conf.xml and unimrcp standard profile.
Any idea how to debug ?