Is there a relatively simple XML template I could use for responding to START/STOP text messages?

Hi all! First time poster. Before I re-invent the wheel (and learn Python), I wanted to ask if there’s a basic XML template for responding to messages that I could just copy and modify.

In more detail:
I just need to take some basic actions when the client sends in a text with “START”, or “STOP”. Ok, so far so good. This page seems helpful

Since it describes how you can use Python/PHP/Node.js to generate XML to handle these sorts of user reply messages. The page also gives some Python code to generate that XML. But it doesn’t give the XML that is actually generated by the Python code. Does someone have that generated XML, so that I could then use it for my client without having to install & learn basic Python?

Thanks for any enlightenment!

Hi There! There is one part in the documentation that provides the XML that is used for ‘Subscription Started’ which can be found here: Handling Incoming Messages from Code | SignalWire Developer Portal

You could create a list of messages that sent the words ‘STOP’, ‘START’ or ‘UNSTOP’ and then send the XML that creates a SMS with text: <Message> | SignalWire Developer Portal

Please let me know if you need anything else.