About Our Messaging API

SignalWire’s vast API offerings make it quick and easy to send and receive SMS/MMS within a customer’s application through a variety of different types of phone numbers!

Take a look at this page to see some commonly-asked questions surrounding our messaging services. There are a few different ways to utilize these services, so we also encourage you to browse our documentation surrounding our APIs!

  • Compatibility APIs and XML: Great for easily building out and migrating a solution from other providers in our industry with a notoriously higher billio!
  • RELAY REST APIs: Here, you can find helpful APIs for creating/managing brands and campaigns, performing carrier/CNAM lookups on a given phone number, 2FA/MFA to increase application security, and much more!
  • RELAY Realtime Server SDK: Great for building a messaging solution with a powerful asynchronous API built on web socket technology for low latency operations!