Custom authentitaion for SIP / Webrtc endpoint registration

We are looking for a method to register SIP/WebRTC endpoints using custom authentication. Currently, we store the password in an XML file to register the phone, which can raise information security issues. How we can use LDAP for endpoint registration authentication , or how can we use a database to store the password and register the endpoint after validating the password in the database?

@BrianWest-SW need you expertise on this.

You can only do Digest Auth for SIP, for WebRTC you can implement anything you want but out of the box that too only does Digest Auth.


I am also tryig to do same with Webrtc. Request if you can guide how I can do custom autentication for Webrtc registration when Register request will come to FS.

I don’t have anything to share that could help you here.