3CX PBX - Signalwire

3CX PBX - Signalwire

Software: 3CX Portal - Install System and choose 3CX On Premise / Private Cloud

These are Signalwire Specific settings. Common problems are getting registered with a Sip Endpoint and making an outbound call.

Sip Trunks

From the 3CX left side menu click SIP Trunks

  • Enter name for Trunk: Signalwire
  • Registrar/Server/Gateway Hostname or IP: Signalwire Sip Endpoint URL
  • Port: 5060

  • Outbound Proxy: Signalwire Sip Endpoint URL
  • Type of Authentication: Register/Account Based
  • AuthenticationID: Signalwire Sip Endpoint USERNAME
  • Authentication Password: Signalwire Sip Endpoint Password
  • Route to: Signalwire Phone Number in E164 format ie +14125551234

Sip Trunks > Outbound Parameters

From: User Part: Dropdown menu: Custom Field Value: Signalwire Sip Endpoint name

Outbound Rules

Create an outbound rule for 0-9 Digits with +1 Prepend