Best practices for load-balancing verto

We would like to load-balance WebRTC/verto calls to FS running in a set of AWS EC2s. We searched docs for best practices and found Load balancing | FreeSWITCH Documentation but it doesn’t list any best practices.

One of our questions is whether to use unencrypted WS and RTP between the load balancer and each FS, or whether we should use WSS and SRTP as we do for the path between the browser and the load balancer. I noticed that you’re offering a webinar about telehealth, so I think you probably considered whether to encrypt end-to-end particularly across the LB-to-FS gap if you are using any LB.

In our initial experiments using FS 1.10.7, it seemed there was no way to use WS for signaling between LB and FS, but I need to check that I’m reporting accurately.

You can only use WSS, and I suspect using Nginx may be what you wanna do here. We have no real best practices published for this.


I use Nginx for wss and proxy_pass to verto using ws.