Verto Client JS code

I just set up verto client using GitHub - freeswitch/verto-client

The demo comes with a verto-min.js - but where does that come from?

The js folder includes 3 js files and a third-party JS file. Is it just all of them? I tried unminifying but it’s a lot of lines.

I both want to ensure I have the latest build, and also, I’d like to make some modifications that aren’t in the demo - e.g. the conference moderator controls.

(Some non-trivial changes I’d like, not sure exactly how to do them:

  • When playing back a file, it should show that the file is currently playing, and what it’s up to. ALSO, give the option to pause it.
    conference play <file_path>
    conference pause <file_path>
    conference resume <file_path>
    conference stop <file_path>

  • Show a volume meter for the microphone (which seems to be in the verto communicatior))


That client isn’t updated much anymore, it was a community contributed project, and seems many stopped working on it to keep it updated, maybe the community can help keep it updated?


FYI… I included the 3 js files and a third-party JS file instead of the minified one and it seems to work.

Could you possibly do a PR and help keep it updated?


it’s in js/src/*.js

cd js && make