About our Video API

The SignalWire Video API is a powerful video conferencing tool (or rather, a set of tools) built on an MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) that handles all of the muxing in the cloud. This ensures only a single stream is sent to each participant, resulting in low latency, high quality, and the same video stream for every single person.

The REST API handles the creation and maintenance of tokens, rooms, sessions, and recordings. While there are cURL examples listed for each API, there are also examples of how to wrap the same HTTP request in other popular languages so that it can be easily integrated into an application!

The RELAY Realtime Server SDK listens for events from the video room (such as member.joined or recording.started) and allows you the ability to execute actions based on those events. For example, you might change the layout using the serverside SDK when a member joins or download a recording when the recording stops.

The RELAY Browser SDKs (v2 and v3) are made to turn your browser into a real-time media engine letting you make audio/video calls to phone numbers, SIP endpoints, and other browsers. The V2 version is ideal if you need to dial PSTN numbers or SIP endpoints, as V3 does not have this yet. V3 is ideal if you want to build web pages for streaming/conferencing with audio or video.

Programmable Video Conferences offer the ability to build advanced customized rooms with NO code! You can then easily embed this directly into your existing websites and applications.