Sip_rh_x in 200 cseq BYE


i wanted to catch a header present in the 200 that follows the BYE sent by Freeswitch in order to enrich my cdrs.

i tried to use ‘sip_rh_x’ but cannot achieve this even with 'set_zombie_exec ', do you know any way to retrieve any information from SIP after the BYE to put in cdrs ?


I initially thought mod_sofia doesn’t save the headers, but it looks like it might. Try sip_bye_h_ channel variable prefix to access those headers.

I’ve tried with sip_bye_h_ without success neither.

If the BYE is originated from the remote i get sip_bye_h_ xx in my cdr.
But not if the BYE comes from freeswitch and the header present in the 200.