Push notification and calling multiple endpoints

I have a call scenario i would like to implement, and from what I have been able to find, doesn’t seem to have any direct support for:

I have a SIP endpoint call into the dialplan which rings to multiple endpoints simultaneously (using the bridge application comma separated). Some of these endpoints are mobile phones, which I send a push notification to which wakes up the app and lets it register.

Now, the problem I am running into is this: lets say there are 2 devices that are online and registered at the time the call comes in, and there are 2 mobile devices that are not registered. I can ring the two online devices and send the push notification (through a process separate from freeswitch), and get the 2 mobile devices registered. But now I have no way of adding these two newly registered devices added to the ring group.

Ultimately, my question is if there is any method of doing this that is already available, and if not, could someone point me in the right direction of what I would need to do to implement it. I’m not opposed to writing my own module if I have to (though i prefer not to). I am already using an event socket connection, as well as mod_xml_curl for sending configs to freeswitch.


I know of no existing way to accomplish the uncommon task that you mentioned of waking up mobiles to then register. Sounds like you might be able to do it with scripting, although I’m not sure ESL and the FreeSWITCH API provide enough info and control for your specific application.

You might have to let your script freeze call progress before it gets to the bridge app, wake up the mobiles, then after they wake up (or a failure timeout expires) allow the XML dialplan to continue.

I have an iphone extension forr my freeswitch and I use bria mobile to
register and the phone is always registered to freeswitch, then you
can call that extension any time – they just have to have the app and
put in their credentials.