First of all, apologies if this posting appears more than once. I have been trying to post to the list/forum by email using the guide at Welcome to Posting via email however my emails have not arrived and are still queued for delivery. If the problem gets fixed before they expire from the delivery queue then this question may appear more than once.

Anyway, my questions are…

I’m trying to get FreeSwitch to SUBSCRIBE to a remote PBX to receive a NOTIFY when the remote account gets voicemail left on it.

Presence | FreeSWITCH Documentation seems to show me how to SUBSCRIBE to the remote system, but I have two questions about this:

  1. I already have a <gateway> section for this account because I have registered to it in order to receive calls (this works). I therefore have:

     <param name="register" value="true"/>

in that section. The example for subscribing has the value “false”.

Can I add the appropriate <subscription> section to my <gateway> which is already registering, or do I have to create a new definition with “register” = “false” in order to add the <subscription>?

  1. The documentation says that when a notification is sent from the remote system, “a NOTIFY_IN event will be fired”.

How do a receive that event and get it to trigger some action in my dialplan? I see no example showing how to actually receive the event and act upon it :frowning:

Thanks in advance,