Prolem generating dialstring with "sofia_contact" having multiple contacts and parameters

in a lua script I’m forging a dialstring like this: (indentation for readability):

{option1=value1, option2=value2}

suppose that users have both 2 active registrations, the desired dialstring would be:

{option1=value1, option2=value2}

but since


is expanded in a list of comma-separated values, for example:


what I get is:

{option1=value1, option2=value2}

so every second registration won’t get the “presence_id” option.

how to get the desired dialstring?


What do you have set as the dial-string in the user because that is what dictates goes into each of those, and can’t just magically work, You may have to build the dialstring with xml_curl to be more dynamic based on your needs, vs the static directory.


Thank Brian,

good to know that there is no a “curly|round|square|something” bracket syntax to obtain that.

Will investigate how to do as suggested.