Can someone help? multi-tenant settings: Phones not getting the right context, and using the default context

Sorry if im posting this in the wrong place, i coudnt find instructions about how to post :(,
Im needing to set the multi-tenant configuration right.

(In Abstract my problem is even with the context value set in the user/phone, when i dial with this user the call fans in the default context (the context of the sip profile), can someone help me on how to make the phone use the context set in the user/phone file?)

The problem im getting is that the phones are not getting the right context, they are getting the context set in the sip-profile, i made the configurations like:


Sip profile

Tenant directory settings:


User settings

Dialplan settings:

And the moment a dial with the 2000 user, the context the call falls in is:

2023-04-27 13:57:43.351618 97.17% [INFO] mod_dialplan_xml.c:639 Processing 2000 <2000>->(redatcted) in context default

It all requires DNS to work, and you’ll wanna disable force-register-db-domain, force-subscription-domain and force-register-domain in your sofia profiles and make sure you register to the dns hostname.