Office Hour Times Poll

We are about to open a second monthly Office Hour, and want to make sure the time works for as many people as possible!

Which time(s) can you attend FreeSWITCH Office Hours?
Select as many as you like.

  • 9am Pacific (12pm Eastern)
  • 10am Pacific (1pm Eastern)
  • 11am Pacific (2pm Eastern)
  • 12pm Pacific (3pm Eastern)
  • 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)
  • 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)
  • 3pm Pacific (6pm Eastern)
  • No preference
  • Other - please comment preferred time(s)

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While I prefer 9am Pacific (12pm Eastern) myself, I can already get to the first Office Hour at that time. If you want to have Office Hours in general to be available to as many people as possible, you would need to poll only those who can’t already attend the first Office Hour for their preferred time for the second Office Hour. (And maybe advertise the poll in the newsletter.)

Good call outs, will include a link to this in the newsletter and make sure to post again in Slack next week.