How to set up a number for receiving fax

How to set up a number for receiving fax

Getting started

Setting up a number for receiving fax is a super quick process! Let’s get started.

First, we will need a SignalWire phone number. Simply purchase any phone number you’d like to have for your faxing purposes. After you purchased or if you already had a number, we’re ready to get it set up! While in your SignalWire Space click on “LaML” on the left-hand sidebar.

Once here, you should see the above, simply press “Bins” and then press the new button in the top-right. We will need to paste in the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <Receive mediaType="image/tiff"></Receive>

After pasting in the above and naming the bin, press save. After saving the bin, you should see the ability to copy the URL to the bin. Copy this URL and now we have to navigate to the “Phone numbers” tab on the left-hand sidebar.

Finishing up

You should now see the number you bought earlier or the number you wanted to use for this guide. Click on the number and press “Edit Settings”. You should now see the following:

It will need the following settings:

  1. “Accept incoming calls as” can be swapped to fax instead of voice by clicking on it.

  2. “Handle calls using” Should be LaML Webhooks. This can also be swapped by clicking on it.

  3. Paste the URL from the bin you made earlier in the “WHEN A FAX COMES IN” section.

Here is an example of what this should look like.


After the above steps are complete, press the save button and give the number a test! Any faxes will available under the “Faxes” tab in the “LaML” section.