How to remove the SpanDSP FAX Headers

Hi Experts,

Sorry if it has been asked and answered before on this forum.

I recently configured Freeswitch as my fax server and everything is working fine! I have one minor issue regarding the SpandDSP Fax headers displayed on the top of my fax page. Is there any way to remove it? I tried to set the variables to the null value and modified the spandsp c code to remove these headers, but they are still getting displayed on the top of the fax page.

I am using a Lua script to process my incoming fax and perform a few operations on it. Therefore, I would highly appreciate your guidance on how I can remove the ‘SpandDSP Fax Header’ and ‘SpanDSP Fax Ident’ headers from the top of the page. I also tried to set it through the fax and spend dsp configuration files, but they are still displayed.

Shah Hussain