How to get tts_commandline to use sepstral

Hi there. I have run into a problem using tts_commandline. As of now it wants to use tts2wav which seems to be only available in festival. Is there any way to get it to use my sepstral voice?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

If you’re using a specific TTS command-line tool like tts_commandline, you would need to check its documentation or source code to see if it supports custom voices and how you can integrate them.

However, if you’re open to using a different tool or approach, you might consider using a text-to-speech library that offers more flexibility and support for custom voices. For instance, libraries like Festival, MaryTTS, or even Python libraries like pyttsx3 or gTTS (Google Text-to-Speech) allow you to use different voices, including custom ones.

If you have access to a Sepstral voice, you could potentially use it with one of these libraries by specifying the path to the voice file or configuring the library to use it. Again, the exact method would depend on the specific library you choose to use.

Best Regard
Danish Hafeez | QA Assistant

OK, thanks a lot, I will check it out.