Freeswitch service "Unit entered failed state"

Hi, recently the administration of a freeswitch service has fallen on me.

I know something about freeswitch but I am far from being able to handle it with ease.

I have the following problem with the freeswitch service.

It restarts several times a day throwing the following error.

I would greatly appreciate any kind of help.

Thank you very much, greetings!

You’d need to look in your system log or systemd outoput to see what its saying, sounds like possibly a permission issue.


How can i see more details?

I can found the restart point, i think…, in the freeswitch log.

And i try to look for more info in journalctl just in that moment, but i found the same…

I’m lost with this problem…

Thank you very much @BrianWest-SW for your attention!!

If you start it by hand does it start? I’m no wizard of systemd.


It’s running normally and it works as expected, but something happens that causes it to restart several times a day.

After restarting it works fine, but if a call comes in in the middle of these restarts it is lost.

I need to find the restarts cause to solve it and keep it stable.


Sounds like a specific platform issue, sorry I can’t be of more help. Seems like something specific to your systemd setup maybe, I’ve seen similar, when FreeSWITCH may have crashed, sure it wasn’t crashing?