FreeSWITCH not honoring ptime: 30 correctly

Has anyone seen this before… FreeSWITCH version 1.10.9

INVITE from PSTN into FreeSWITCH has Media Attribute (a): ptime:30 :white_check_mark:
200 OK from FreeSWITCH out to PSTN Media Attribute (a): ptime:30 :white_check_mark:

----- All ok to this point -----

When the call is in flight and RTP starts flowing FreeSWITCH is not honouring the ptime :30 :x:

Instead what we see is FreeSWITCH alternating between 20ms and 40ms shown in this screen shot.

vars.xml states the below, so I was not expecting any issues when testing this.

PCMA - G711 8kHz alaw using default 20ms ptime. (multiples of 10)

Any help much appreciated.

The only reason FreeSWITCH would do this is if the other side lied, We’d need a full pcap, and debug log to see where the issue started.


I have a PCAP but not a supporting debug log. Do you want he PCAP for now see if anything Jumps out?

If so am i ok to email this you rather than put it on here?


The debug log would tell you when and why it made the decision, I’d test it again and see if you can gather that.


Ok no problem…


fs_cli and /debug 7


fsctl loglevel 7

seems to capture alot of the Codec stuff

Want to get it right first time if i can…


fsctl loglevel 9
+OK log level: DEBUG [7]

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I will grab these. Review them make sure all is ok and send them over.

Thanks @LenGraham-sw & @BrianWest-SW :+1:

Sent an email with all the details on and traces.

Any questions just ask :slight_smile:

We probably need to discuss our commercial offerings, we have put a stop to having things emailed to us personally, if the logs can’t be posted un-redacted then you’ll need to engage me off line to discuss options.


Thats fine @BrianWest-SW in relation to this we are uncomfortable posting these traces on public forums unredacted, the other issue we have had calls about in the past this topic came up a number of times and nobody ever contacted us about options… We was open to discussing this.

At this stage in regards to the ticket in question if you can confirm or deny this is a FreeSWITCH bug i will act accordingly.

Confirm it’s a bug - I will log a ticket
Deny it’s a bug - A brief outline on why and I will go and speak to the relevant parties.

To me everything looks above board and FreeSWITCH is miss handling the ptime



Its probably both a bug and a misbehavior of the far side, but without un-redacted logs its difficult to tell, the debug logs do print when the ptime flops, and that doesn’t really contain anything sensitive.


The logs I provided are not redacted, Thats why i emailed them you rather than put them on here.

fsctl loglevel 9

Both direct from the FS handling the call



File a ticket on github with the data you can provide and we’ll go from there.

Will do many thanks

Just logged it… :slight_smile: