Dynamic users (from Curl XML) CIDR not merged to ACL (Freeswitch)

Does anybody know how should looks like the answer (from web server) in case i do reloadacl and have xml_curl module enabled at Freeswitch? I see the request from FS but I do not see any example about shape of answer. I need to load users with cidrs to FS. It works very good with xml directory (FS create acl list automatically) but I have users in databases.

I think the respond probably should contain users with cidrs, but what is the format.

FS sends request like this (please look at the picture).

I think i should return users with cidrs somehow. This way FS will automatically build ACL list with them according this picture

for a single address you would put ip/32 <node type="allow" cidr="" description="Signalwire"/>

More info can be found Access Control List (ACL) | FreeSWITCH Documentation

Yes, but by question related with possibility to keep theses ip addresses in database (using mod_xml_curl).