Strange ACL behavior

I have defined ACL with IPs and if I test IP in CLI with acl aclname, I get true. But when a call is made from this IP, it doesn’t get authenticated.

Any ideas why?

Only difference between IPs that are correctly authenticated and this one is that for non working IP I get in log:

fc740b4d-d48d-41c9-b06d-75cc8f23a833 2023-01-02 15:09:48.685609 97.43% [INFO] sofia.c:10462 sofia/external/ invite from

there is external instead of internal. One of our gateway is registered to similar IP. For example: non authenticated IP is: and gateways is connected to

Since it is the same subdomain, is it possible that FS thinks that this is from external?

Can you show us your sofia profile and full ACL?