Call Whisper Between Agent and moderator


I am trying to set up a call whispering between an agent extension and a moderator extension.

My workflow is as follows: The agent (Caller A) makes an outbound call to Caller B. Once connected, I need the moderator to only connect with the agent and communicate solely with the agent (and not with Caller B).

I have used the eavesdrop module to barge into the call. However, after barging in, one needs to press DTMF 1 or 2 (2 to speak with the uuid, and 1 to speak with the other party). I would like the moderator to directly connect with the agent without pressing any DTMF.

Is there another module available, or do we need to make any modifications to the eavesdrop module?

if you looks the docs it has a number of bridge a or bridge b vars you can try with.