Call audio gets choppy - caused by recording?

Has anyone experienced all calls getting choppy and audio quality dropping for almost all calls, to a point of being unusable? When we reboot Freeswitch, the call quality is good again, but after several hours, the problem starts happening again.

The majority of calls are being recorded using uuid_record.

Is this a known issue related to how Freeswitch records calls? Sometimes, the audio slows down and speeds up, and other times, it’s extremely choppy.

It’s a large capacity (many CPU cores, not busy) machine on GCP.

Can anyone think of any reason why this is happening?

Debian 10
FreeSWITCH Version 1.10.8-release+git~20221014T193245Z~3510866140~64bit (git 3510866 2022-10-14 19:32:45Z 64bit)

Any pointers appreciated!

You’d need to get a sip trace with freeswitch debug logs, It sounds like maybe the codec recording rate is changed after the media bug is already attached to the session. Example, calling getting a 183 with PCMU and then on 200OK switching to G722.

If you can put in a github ticket with the requested info we can take a look at it.


Thanks Brian.

All our calls are G.711 (FS is configured to only offer G.711) so no transcoding is happening. Do you mean the uuid_record could be causing the codec to change?

Also, there are times where FS seems to start getting sluggish. When the other end picks up, the audio usually flows quickly but when it’s sluggish, the audio takes a second or two to start flowing. Adding as a data point in case it helps trigger any ideas.

Something is obviously changing the codec or ptime, a log and a ticket filed on github would help isolate it, based on what you said it sounded the codec may have changed.