How to prevent DTMF digits being heard by parties that are on hold in a conference

We have a conference with three parties; the parties are configured with the dist-dtmf member flag so that DTMF may be used to manipulate IVR/Voicemail systems.

When we place 1 member on hold and give them hold music to listen to, the other parties interact using DTMF. In this configuration the party that is on hold can hear the DTMF digits through the hold music.

How do we stop the party that is on hold from hearing the DTMF digits? We have looked at the skip-dtmf flag, but this can only be set when the conference is created not once it is in progress. Is there an alternative to temporarily removing the party from the conference?

You can’t. The issue is you said dist-dtmf, its going to do exactly that, if its 2833, its the gateways that are making the DTMF audible.



skip-dtmf allows you to exclude certain parties from the dist-dtmf - is there a way to set this member flag on members that are currently in the conference?

If there isn’t, could I raise an issue to add this capability (and submit the code)?

There doesn’t appear to be currently.

EDIT: You can do a pr and we can work thru it there.