Fusion PBX FreeSwitch Gateway Registration question

We are new using FreeSW(Fusion), we are familiar with Asterisk A2 and Freepbx
We are struggling to register GSM gateways or any Sip gateway when there is no Public IP
but Dynamic, registering Sip extensions works well, what’s the solution to register a Granstream ATA
or a Dinstar GSM gaeway behibd NAT

thank you

If you are saying that FreeSwitch needs to register to the Grandstream or the
Dinstar, then it’s simply not possible unless you can tell FreeSwitch what IP
address to connect to (and it must be reachable as well).

If the Grandstream or the Dinstar can register to FreeSwitch, then it’s
exactly the same as using a telephone, which can both accept and place calls.


Port forwarding exposing the public will not work in this case?


Port forwarding could work, but in my experience it’s difficult to get the RTP
ports forwarded inbound through common routers (outbound, private-to-public
generally works fine), and without that, SIP will work to set up a call, and
there will be no audio (or more likely, it’ll be one-way).

It’s definitely worth a try.


FusionPBX docs are a good place to look on how to provision a Grandstream Provision — FusionPBX Docs documentation

For Dinstar on fpbx SOLVED - Dinstar GSM gateway | FusionPBX Forums or https://developer.signalwire.com/freeswitch/FreeSWITCH-Explained/Interoperability/Gateways/Dinstar-GSM-gateway-FreeSwitch-HowTo_9633801/

As mentioned by Pooh you could port forward. Just be sure to forward both signaling and RTP port ranges thank fpbx uses.




use a regexp or lua script to get the sofia_contact, and then replace the user part to whatever you need before originte or bridge. There’s a complete example shows how to do that in the book 《FreeSWITCH权威指南》