ClueCon 2023 Early Bird Special

Now’s the time to get our best deal on ClueCon tickets! Get admission for just $599.99 when you stay with us at the Drake August 14th-17th. Every ticket includes access to all presentations, workshops, lunches, exhibits, nightly activities, and our special hack-a-thon: the Coder Games. Join us next summer and find out what makes ClueCon so special! No coupon required - ends February 28th. Register now!

So excited for ClueCon 2023, and luckily we don’t have to wait as long because we’re back to the August time slot!
Looking forward to seeing folks there! If you’re planning to attend, shoot me a message on any of our social spaces or reply and let us know what you’d like to hear about in the lead up to ClueCon 2023. I’ve already heard requests for restaurant and entertainment recommendations around the Drake.

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Absolutely! I can also answer any questions about anything ClueCon related so don’t be afraid to reach out!