Binary package install vs compiling

There is an open source project I am trying to get functioning with FreeSwitch.
During their own installation, they are using the binary packages.

Me, trying to learn stuff, I am trying to do the setup by compiling FreeSwitch from source.

I followed some advice on compiling from various sources. Including this part:

It compiles just fine, and runs, but I am running into an issue where mod Sofia is not loading and unsure why.

So, I am trying to do a comparison of the binary install vs. my compiled version. Looking at the FreeSwitch users on each, I am seeing a difference.

My compile using the above resource, home is located at /usr/local/freeswitch/
In the binary package home, I see home is located at /var/lib/freeswitch

Is what I did outdated, or I did something wrong?

Any tips/clues why mod Sofia is not loading?


Edit: I see mod sofia is loading, but no sip profiles are.

Hello @trent,
Thanks for your question. From the information provided, it doesnā€™t look like you have done anything incorrectly. The binary package is installing freewitch in a different location, which is not unusual (the freeswitch directory can be changed during the ./configuration step of the (compile) install using the --prefix= switch, allowing it to be in any location).

Since it looks like mod_sofia is being started, my guess is that there is an issue with one or more of the profiles. Can you confirm that there are xml files in the /usr/local/freeswitch/conf/sip_profiles directory?
If so, are you able to attach the fs_cli output that is being returned when trying to start one of the profiles manually (sofia profile <profile_name> start)? Providing a copy of one of the sip profiles configuration xml would also probably be helpful in troubleshooting.


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Thanks for taking the time to respond. Sorry for the delay.

It turns out the open source project is not using any xml files for SIp profiles, and instead using a database.

I will have to get with them, I guess.