Recommended way of recovering a Slack login?

I have access to your community Slack via my mobile device right now, and I can see there what email address is tied to my profile. But when I try to visit it on my laptop, and try both social login and email login, both are rejected. They tell me my account is deactivated.

Hi David! Let me see what we can do about that. I’m going to DM you to request more info to locate your Slack account.

I can’t tell from this UI whether this is a DM or private…so testing.

I know, its weird, isn’t it. You can also create a ticket via your SignalWire dashboard if you have one. Even if you’re asking for Slack help, we’re still the same people who answer the ticket and I can help you there!

Is this public? [Add more chars to get to 20]

Let’s not chance it. Email instead. It’ll create a ticket and I can answer you there privately.

I know this is a late response… It seems like DMs are disabled on this forum.

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That may be on purpose to prevent member spam. I apologize for not thinking of that!